About us



cesfruit, is a story of passion for fruit that began in around 1990, in Albalate de Cinca, a small village in the province of Huesca, Spain.

A passion with which we take care of and look after each tree and each piece of fruit that grows on the 70 hectares of land composing our farms. An exclusive cultivation process that ends in the rigorous selection of only the best pieces of fruit.

We produce different varieties but there is one that stands out from the rest. It is the one we are particularly proud of thanks to its unique quality and its incomparable taste: the cesfruit yellow peach.



Our farms are located right in Valle del Cinca, a privileged enclave surrounding the San Salvador reservoir, where the climatology is ideal for growing stone fruits, as it provides them with exceptional quality attributes.

Living just a short distance away from our farms enables us to be in contact with each of our trees and the fruit they bear. This allows us to appreciate their development day by day or meet any needs they may have for adequate growth.



Our products are available in the most select markets across Spain and also in the main European cities. In addition we distribute across Spain with a home delivery service, 24 hours from receipt of the order.