The Excellence


Above all our mission is to make cesfruit synonymous with fruit that has an exquisite flavour and an irresistible aroma. We also aim to have exclusive quality, achieved thanks to passion and complete dedication in our daily work, which is environmentally sustainable.


We want to be a company known for having excellent fruit that is naturally good, compact, durable and offers great flavour. And we would like cesfruit to be recognised as a guarantee of quality.





Wide Selection


Quality standards


At cesfruit we think that our quality is based on the fact that we see our work as a way of life more than a way of making a living. We do not want to, nor can we, produce fruit if not with care and affection.

This is so much the case that we take meticulous care of the production process; starting with the pruning process in the winter months, followed by the thinning work that we carry out manually (doing without the mechanical systems currently used on large fruit farms), harvesting work in the cooler hours of the day, to avoid the dehydration of the fruit, and ending with diligent and delicate handling work, in which one by one we check each of the pieces of fruit and select only those that fulfil our quality standards for sale.

Our quality standards can mainly be summarised into two points: 

– Flavour: We only start to harvest our fruit when it has reached the optimal level of sugar for each variety. Never before or after, always just at the right time.

– Aroma: To get the best aroma possible, we do not store our fruit in cold storage. The fruit we harvest today does not remain in our facilities for any more than twelve hours, and that way we ensure that it reaches the market in conditions that few can offer. 

At cesfruit we only produce the amount that we can truly give our undivided attention to. To produce more volume would be damaging to our levels of quality and would go against our principles and values.

GLOBAL GAP Certificate (Global Good Agricultural Practices)


At cesfruit we are proud that our company has obtained the GLOBAL GAP certificate, the international standard that monitors good practises in agriculture, in order to ensure the quality of the product.

The fact that our products feature this seal offers worldwide recognition and the best guarantee of food safety.

HACCP system


In addition, at cesfruit we have the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) training in food safety, the most internationally recognised system to guarantee food safety based on a preventative approach.